If we asked everyone their number 1 most hated driving maneuver in the Garden State, we know an overwhelming majority would say the jerk who won't get out of the left lane. That's a given, like death and taxes, or in Jersey terms, like corruption and property taxes. Inevitable.

So on a recent show we asked the question if we took the left lane jerk off the table, what would your number 2 driving pet peeve be?

It was interesting how suddenly no one had the same answer. But everyone had something. Here's a brief rundown of some of what we heard.

Morgan's most hated 2nd choice is when she's stopped to make a left turn waiting for oncoming traffic to clear and people go around her on the right. (But imagine the traffic backups if no one did this?)

Tom can't stand when someone's coming up to a stop sign or red light at a cross street and doesn't hit their brakes until the final second, leaving him to think he's about to get t-boned. Last minute brakers, give us a break!

Bridget hates when someone pulls out in front of you even though there was no car coming behind you. In New Jersey, patience is not a virtue.

Robin hates all drivers who text with a passion.

For George it's drivers who ride in your blind spot. (How does he know?)

Archie can't stand driving his big rig in the right lane of a highway when here comes the slow merge guy. Slow merge guy doesn't seem to understand that on-ramp is only so long. Slow merge guy? It's the pedal on the right! (By the way when Archie called in he said he likes to think of us as Crazy & Crazier, but he wouldn't say who was which.)

Steven's 2nd biggest driving pet peeve is the guy who doesn't believe in using turn signals. (What, and give away your next move?!)

Bruce hopes there's a special place in Hell for the brake happy on New Jersey's roads. You've seen them; there's no one in front of them yet every five seconds those brake lights are popping on.

There were plenty more. No wonder we're all such a stressed out mess in New Jersey. We're all doing something the other guy hates!

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