On Wednesday's show we had a field day with this one. A ranking of all beaches in New Jersey was published by NJ.com and it had plenty of people upset. Bobby Olivier and Jeremy Schneider were I'm sure just having a little fun when they wrote this. But the moment you don't put someone's favorite New Jersey beach at number one or at the very least in the top 10 you know there's going to be trouble. It doesn't matter that you know going in it's all subjective. We New Jerseyans take our beaches as seriously as we take our pizza. We will avoid no fight in defending what we love.

So when one guy called in to extol the virtue of Seaside Park's beach, saying how it was more peaceful than Seaside Heights with plenty of nearby restaurants and a nicer beach, imagine how mad he was to find out they ranked it next to last at 43.

In fact, this is what they wrote about it. Some of the charm of Seaside Heights without all of the craziness. A little less crowded, but the beach actually isn't as nice. Plenty of metered parking, which is nice, but frankly, this just feels like a watered-down Seaside Heights. Next! 

In fact the first caller that hour set the tone. It was a woman who said her favorite New Jersey beach by far is North Wildwood. She talked about how clean the beach is there among other positives.  When we told her their list ranked it at 39 and that they wrote "if you don't like overly crowded beaches that are underwhelming and a bit dirty, keep looking" her response was classic Jersey girl.

"Well they're stupid!"

We weren't able to get to all the calls nor were we able to read the entire list with our time constraints so if you'd like to know where your favorite beach landed on the list check it out here.

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