More and more teachers are dropping homework in New Jersey and I can't thank them enough. Homework in my house is the root of all evil. Definitely the root of most arguments. The time we get to spend with our children goes by so fast, between our jobs and how fast they grow, that I don't want to waste it arguing about homework. It's the teachers job to teach, let them do their jobs while the children are in class.

I applaud Woodbridge Township, Princeton, and West Windsor Plainsboro for either doing away with traditional homework or at least experimenting with homework free days.  In fact, if my sons find out about this, they may ask me to move there.

Those in favor of homework will say that it gets them ready for college. I say that should be on the student or the parent. If you're so intent that your kids go to college, then you make sure they know their stuff or do the extra work. Why should the whole class suffer? Their grades will be determined by test scores, how much they study at home should be up to the kids and their parents. What they do in college they are choosing to do and are paying for. It should all start with a love of learning and homework takes that away.

Homework will never be a positive learning experience. I'd much rather my kids learn from their teachers the way they'd like it done in the confines of the classroom where they can get any questions answered. That will also make school a more positive experience knowing that at the end of the day, it's over.

Parents are for life lessons and positive experiences that will stay with them for ever. I hate wasting that time arguing about homework.

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