Is nothing sacred? Are angry people now weaponizing all those boardwalk physical challenge games? Will the next weapon of choice be the unfairly overinflated basketball or the green rubber frog?

Skee-Ball might just be the holy grail of all boardwalk games. Invented and patented in 1908 by Joseph Fourestier Simpson, a resident of Vineland, New Jersey, it’s a Jersey Shore staple. A solid wooden or heavy plastic ball is rolled down a short alley and up a ramp to land in scoring holes. But what if someone threw that ball at someone else?

A series of skee-ball games lined up in an arcade. Try to roll 100,000.

That’s exactly what police are investigating in Cape May. Authorities say security video shows a woman dressed in white throwing a skee ball at a group of people she had previously had some sort of disagreement with. It is alleged the ball hit a girl in the back of the head but whether she was injured is unknown.

Police are now trying to find this woman and asking the public for leads. They offered this video.

You’ll find the incident at roughly 1 minute in.

Now I was expecting anger. I was expecting a big scene. Instead, not having the time mark I gave you, I had to watch the video more than once to even find what they were talking about.

Granted, I’m not privy to what this alleged argument was beforehand. But from viewing this video it doesn’t even look intentional to me. To me it looks like this woman didn’t even realize she did it. To my eyes, it looks like she’s half-heartedly throwing balls down the lane and paying little attention and was, well, just horrible at Skee-Ball.

Woman tossing a skeeball at a Cape May arcade
Woman tossing a skeeball at a Cape May arcade (Cape May police)

Haven’t we all seen someone accidentally hurl a ball onto the floor or into someone else’s lane? I certainly have.

Granted, I wasn’t there. No, the video has no sound. But to me, this looks like someone who just sucks at the game. One big nothing burger.

Or is this going to be the new crime trend in the Garden State? Attack by boardwalk game? Whipped by the mini fishing rods where every little toddler gets a prize? Smacked in the head by a stuffed poop emoji doll? Will those darts to pop the balloons be next?

Although I hear they’re ground pretty dull so I wouldn’t be too concerned.

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