I first met Mike Rocket at a fundraiser at the Headliner in 2005 for Vinie Mad Dog Lopez who had lost his wife to breast cancer. All the Jersey local legends were playing inside while on the outside decks the B Street band was performing with a Bon Jovi tribute band. Then there was the young hungry humble kid who looked like Bruce and waited until later that night for his chance. When he got it, he made the most of it, like he's been doing since he got started in this business.

Mike Rocket is different from many artists in his relentless, fearless, self promoting, and outside the box tactics. Rocket often sets up and performs in places like Times Square, in concert parking lots, at network television shows like the TODAY Show, and by the entrances of large festivals in order to expose his music to the masses. To date he has been seen/ heard on national television as well as on major New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia radio stations.

When I hired him to play my Sea Isle City coffee house, he would come early and stay late and the crowd loved him, much like they do now.

After four years of setting up outside, Mike was invited to be an official performer at Firefly Music Festival 2016 with some of music's biggest acts. He also has performed at other well known festivals to date including SXSW, CMJ, and Light of Day. His most recognizable song is "Gotta Get To The Jersey Shore" (co-written by Victor Cornette) which he performed live to kick off the Summer Blastoff 2016 to open for Bret Michaels.

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