Guy goes for a leisurely ride on a wave runner in the water off Wildwood, NJ. What could possibly go wrong?

Well for this ride, he got stuck in the mud. By the time firefighters found him he was up to his chest in mud. All I kept thinking was how close this guy came to drowning as the tide would potentially have risen and covered him. Made me shudder in the morning after reading the story.

I kept thinking about the 1982 film, "Creepshow" where Ted Danson's character is buried up to his neck on the beach as the tide rises and he drowns.

The conversation turned to accidents at home when you inadvertently cause yourself injury and near death! One call that stuck with us on Tuesday morning was from Jason in Pedricktown. He told a story about how chicken jumped up onto his table saw table and he cut half his thumb off! Listen to that story here:

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