Ray Rossi worked with Craig Carton here on New Jersey 101.5 from June of 2002 till July 2007 when they were known as 'The Jersey Guys.' Last Thursday, the night before Carton was to be sentenced to 42 months in federal prison following a conviction for a reported 5.6 million dollar gambling driven financial fraud. Rossi called in last week to give me his thoughts on his former partner.

"Going away won't be a picnic, but I hope this kid gets the help he needs." Rossi said.

He saw compassion in the Judge Coleen McMahon, saying, "We all know the kind of good he's [Carton] capable of... I think the judge had to have taken that into consideration, besides the fact that she was admittedly a fan of his."

The former 'Jersey Guy' reached back into a memory from when they worked together, he said, "For as much as he broke my balls over calling me 'Cliche Ray' this one really fits. One door closes, another one opens."

But at the end of the day, Rossi said that he feels for the family of his former partner, "Most of all, I hope his family is able to see their way through this."

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