Jersey guy John Schwenk left Central Park last week on his way to bike across America and Canada all the way to Alaska. It's a trip his mom and dad were going to take 25 years ago that was canceled after his mom learned she was pregnant with John.

A guy picking up where his parents left off would be a cool story on its own. But get this, John has a heart condition and his docs told him to limit activity.

He's an athlete and recognized that there isn't enough research on his specific condition, so he's gonna travel 5,800 miles checking in with his docs along the way and do the research himself. The best part of this story is that this young man refuses to be a victim.

He's not wrapping himself in pity and asking people to feel sorry. He's standing up. He's embracing his condition and fighting back. This is the kind of courage that we don't see often enough in our society. Too often people play the victim and want someone else to step up for them. This young man is a great example of courage and strength in the face of adversity.

Go get 'em John. We'll be checking in with him along his journey.

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