East Brunswick's Jax continues to advance on "American Idol" as she lands in the show's Top 7.

Jax performs "Poker Face" on American Idol (Fox)

The 18-year-old performer, who led off Wednesday night's show, picked  another Lady Gaga favorite on Billboard Night, as the contestants had their choice of any hit on the charts.

Jax turned "Poker Face" into a jazzy arrangement which was met with praise from two of the three judges. Keith Urban praised her "artistry" for taking the song and "making it her own" as he says she does  "consistently." Harry Connick Jr. was equally impressed with the "magic" in he voice but not owning the song. Before hearing Jax's performance, he described Jax as having a "raw" sound while Lady Gaga is "highly produced."

Judge Jennifer Lopez, however, cautioned that taking her song arrangements too far from their original arrangements could be her downfall. Acknowledging that she has the audience "in the palm of your hand," she warned that "there's a line where it gets dangerous" and listeners can't "relate" to her.

Music producer Red One, who produced "Poker Face" for Lady Gaga tweeted his approval of Jax's version. "I'm so exited to watch @Jax performing the Global HIT I did with my partner in crime," he tweeted. "Let's go Jax!!!," a message retweeted by Gaga herself.

Jax was mentored for Wednesday's show by Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard who make up the country duo Florida Georgia Line. They advised her to worry about "singing, nailing that song and connecting."

There are three ways left to vote for Jax by noon on Tuesday.

  • Super Vote via the American Idol app
  • Facebook
  • Search “American Idol Vote” on Google

The Twitter fan save was in effect again with Rayvon Oswen topping Qaasim Middleton for the most tweets in five minutes take the final spot in the top 7.

She and Ryan Seacrest told the story of how she got stuck in an elevator following last week's show for nearly an hour, an experience she called "the  most terrifying Idol experience of all time."

Billboard reported that the annual "American Idol" tour will hit the road this summer but with only the top five finalists instead of the usual ten. Finalists six through 10 may be able to open in their home cities as the tour passes through. The top five contestants will be revealed on April 22.