What's more JERSEY than the Jersey tomato and sweet corn?  What's more JERSEY than Jersey's Favorite Hits from Springsteen, Bon Jovi and The Four Seasons?

This weekend New Jersey 101.5 celebrates everything grown in the Great Garden State on a "Jersey Fresh Weekend!

Every hour-all weekend New Jersey 101.5 features "Jersey's Favorite Hits From Jersey's Favorite Artists and Bands"!  If the artist was born here, or lives here now-you'll hear 'em this weekend on New Jersey 101.5!


Plus we will be giving away Jersey Fresh Prize Baskets featuring Jersey Fresh hats, t-shirts, aprons and gift cards from The Trenton Farmers Market!


Jersey  tomatoes, sweet corn, blueberries plus  Springsteen, Bon  Jovi, Four Seasons and ALL of Jersey's Favorite Artists and Bands --it's a Jersey Fresh Weekend on New Jersey 101.5!

So what summer produce do you look forward to every summer?  What Jersey artist do you look forward to hearing on the radio?  Take our polls below!



Some videos from some of jersey's favorite artists featured on our "jersey fresh weekend"