Jersey Fresh Season has already kicked off in the Garden State, as farmers are out in the field and actively planting fruits and vegetables.

Some crops are coming up very shortly. Asparagus is available now at local farm stands.

New Jersey Secretary of Agriculture Doug Fisher said there's a whole slew of Jersey fresh fruits and vegetables that follow in line.

Fisher said 2018 was a very good year for asparagus in New Jersey. There were a number of growers and the crop was valued at $11.5 million. The value for vegetable production for New Jersey in 2018 was more than $140 million.

Other crops with an early harvest are becoming available daily, including kale, lettuce, radishes and spinach.

As the month of May moves along, strawberries are going to pop on the scene as well as beets, Fisher said.

New Jersey ranks in the top 10 in the production of several crops, including fourth in the nation in asparagus. Fisher also said the state is 5th in cranberries, blueberries and tomatoes.

"We have tremendously high ratings in production in this state," Fisher said.

Farmer stands and markets should be opening soon around the state. Fisher said so much depends on the weather when it comes to a lucrative vegetable and fruit crop. He said this year, the agriculture industry in New Jersey is expecting bumper crops in so many fruits and vegetables because the weather has been progressing naturally as expected.

Fisher said people can find out all about New Jersey crops, what they are, their availability, and the locations of farmers markets, farm stands, pick-your-own farms as well as wineries at

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