You may have recently seen Bill Doyle's post about a pediatrician who swears he's found the secret to stop any baby from crying. It involves supporting the baby by its butt, leaning them forward at a 45 degree angle while folding their arms across the chest.

I was determined to prove this wrong. It seemed too simple.

My wife and I have a 3-month-old baby at home. You'd think this would be the perfect test subject. Well he's the perfect age, yes. The problem was it took me days to attempt this experiment as he's usually a very calm baby. Sure he cries, but almost always when you pick him up he'll calm down even if the bottle isn't quite ready yet for example.

It took time to catch him in a moment that merely holding him wasn't enough. Finally the other night he was carrying on hysterically. I quickly grabbed my phone and had his older brother serve as cameraman. Did the method work? Watch my video and see.

You can see that original video on how the doctor tries to calm a crying baby below.