East Brunswick's celebrity singer Jax was invited to perform at the White House for a July 4th military event. You know Jax from frequent appearances on NJ101.5 after she finished 3rd on American Idol. She's only 22 yet handles herself with the poise of a confident, professional 40 year old woman. She even battled thyroid cancer when she was only 20 and came back even stronger. So it's sad what happened after she made this announcement on Twitter.

Out came the idiot trolls. Sure there was a lot of support. But even among her own fan base people who don't like Trump began lashing out at her. Some disavowed her. Unfollowed her. Insulted her. Jax's management was shamed for allowing her to take this opportunity. Jax responded with class.

Someone actually wished her to burn in Hell. See the NSFW comment here. All for wanting to perform at the White House on July 4th for an event to honor the military when her own brother is a Marine and her father was a 9/11 responder. Does love of country take a back seat now to one's personal feelings about a president? Jax pointed out she would perform for any president because this isn't an endorsement of a president. It's respect for people like her own family. I honestly don't know what personal political beliefs Jax holds. Nor do I care. If she wants to accept an invitation to perform at this event for love of country it shouldn't be challenged by anyone. If she's not a Trump supporter it doesn't matter. You can respect the office without respecting the man. If she is a Trump supporter that is her absolute right. I personally dislike him as a president. So what? My view has to be everyone else's? He was elected. When it's time for another election we'll see what happens then. But for God's sake let's not act like we're in the middle of civil war lest it become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Next week is not an election. It's July 4th. It's time to honor the very people who maintain the freedom and opportunity this nation offers. As someone like Jax follows her dreams in a free land I'm certain she gets choked up thinking up people like her brother. You go ahead and hate your president if you want to, but allow this woman to love her country.

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