I haven't yet seen J.Lo's new movie, but it sounds like an intriguing story and one that's taken from a true story involving a New Jersey doctor. The story centers around drugging a cardiologist from Holmdel who frequented a NYC "gentlemen's club" several times in a couple of weeks and found himself with a $135K tab. The "ladies" slipped something into his drinks and they took advantage of his situation, for which they were prosecuted. If the crime had been committed against a woman in the same manner, the punishment would probably been much harsher. But who has sympathy for some lecherous, horny guy who likes to watch women take their clothes off, right? Right, but it's wrong.

The whole idea of strip clubs is wrong. It's cruel and tortuous to men. I know it's not a popular notion to explain how men's sexuality is totally different from women's. And it's about as hard for the fairer sex to understand men's sex drive as it is for men to relate to women's sexual physiology. But having women suggestively dancing naked or just about, in front of a sexually frustrated man is like dangling a slice of baloney in front of a dog for an hour and then putting it away. I don't know why any man would spend a dime going to one of these joints, but sadly they still do. If brothels were legal like in many parts of the world, where two consenting adults can do what they want for a price, it would solve a lot of society's problems.

You would eliminate a lot of disease, violence, sex trafficking and illicit street crimes. But in our puritanical, constipated attitudes toward sex and a false sense of protecting women's honor we continue to foster a bizarre perverted way of dealing with human sexuality. So men will continue to frustrate themselves by lustfully gawking at something they can't have while blowing their hard earned money. And certain unscrupulous but clever somewhat attractive women with issues will continue to take advantage of them. I hope this movie does real well. It's a good look at how this sick situation continues to oppress men.

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