Only in New Jersey would a married woman pay her auto mechanic for services rendered by having car sex with him ... and then they both die from carbon monoxide.

Imagine the passion of being so turned on that you completely forget to turn the car off. Then again, with the way cars are made today, I couldn't imagine having car sex at all!

Once upon a time, it was easy. Backseats were so huge that you could house a family of four. I think of '60s and '70s Chevy Caprices, Buick LeSabres and Oldsmobiles. There were also customized vans, of which I owned a few. When I saw a kid driving a sports car, I thought that was cool, but when I saw a guy happy to be driving one of those monsters, I knew he was getting laid.

It's not that easy today as it was back then. Front-bench seats have been replaced by storage consoles, back seats are now so small that I have trouble just fitting into any of the cars that I own. I was thinking it was impossible to have sex in a late-model car.

Then, I talked to Deena, who called the show and explained that, despite being a mother and a grandmother, she's had car sex multiple times as recently as when she was 49! Deena is a 55-year-old mother and grandmother who gives hope to all those people who would like to use their cars for something other than transportation.

Hotels costing what they do, a car big enough to have sex in and good on gas would be a great idea! Maybe they could bring back the hummer!

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