The most popular couple in the world is reportedly in Philadelphia right now.

Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce Spend Easter Sunday in Philadelphia

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce touched down in Philadelphia on Sunday. It sounds like they arrived, of course, via Taylor's private jet. And, yes, it sounds like they stayed in a Philadelphia hotel.

All of this was reported exclusively by our pal HughE Dillon, known online PhillyChitChat. If it's happening in Philly, Hugh knows about it, so this is a reliable tip.

HughE said that he was tipped off about their arrival Sunday morning, and he also learned they were staying in a hotel via a tip.

For safety sake, HughE didn't reveal too many more details. But this is a pretty good sign that Taylor is in town.

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Taylor Swift is expected to depart Philly Monday morning to fly to Los Angeles for an awards show. So we're pretty sure she's taking off before noon on Monday.

We'll see if we can find out more about Taylor and Travis' relatively short trip to Philadelphia. Though, we suspect it could have been connected to the Easter holiday. Travis' brother, retired Eagles superstar Jason Kelce, lives in DelCo, and Taylor grew up in Reading, PA so her family is still close.

We'll keep digging in to find out more about their time in town as well.

When Taylor performed in Philly last May on the Eras Tour she stayed at the Ritz Carlton — which is located on Broad Street, right near City Hall. Though we're not sure if that's where she stayed Sunday night. Typically, however, stars stay at the Ritz.

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On that same trip last May, by the way, Taylor dined at Jean-George's, located on the 59th floor of the Four Seasons Hotel inside the Comcast Center.

By the way, if you wanna keep up with everything happening in Philly: follow PhillyChitChat on X (formerly Twitter) or his website at We LOVE HughEDillon's reporting, commentary, pictures, and gossip around town.

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