When you think about what makes a casino a good one you probably think of it having a good variety of games, good shows, good restaurants, and of course good luck.

Have you ever wished that you could look into some sort of crystal ball that could tell you the casinos where you'll have the most luck?

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This new ranking by Casinos.com, as reported by Philly Burbs, may help.

The company analyzed Trip Advisor reviews and searched for terms similar to luck (like big, bonus, hand win, luck, lucky, profit, success, winner and winning) and they came up with a list of the luckiest and unluckiest casinos in the Keystone State.

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I'll give you a hint...if you're feeling lucky, I'd head to the town of Bensalem to test the theory.

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Parx Casino has been named luckiest casino in Pennsylvania

Parx Casino in Bensalem has been named the luckiest casino in Pennsylvania. Wow.

Yup, it ranked number one, above all of the other big casino in the state, when it comes to being lucky. You're planning a visit there right now, aren't you? Ha ha.

When it came to those lucky terms I mentioned above, 34.4% of the Trip Advisor reviews contained at least one of them.

Parx has plans to build a luxury hotel on site too. Click here for the details.


Next up for the luckiest casinos in Pennsylvania is Presque Isle Downs & Casino with 29% of the reviews mentioning the lucky terms. It's located in Erie, PA.

Rivers Casino is ranked #3, with 25.9% of the Trip Advisor reviews mentioning a luck term at least once. Have you been there? It's in Philadelphia.

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On the other hand, the Casinos.com list also named the unluckiest casinos in Pennsylvania.


Live! Casino has been named unluckiest casino in Pennsylvania

The first of the unluckiest casinos is Live! Casino with only 9.4% of the Trip Advisor reviews.

Valley Forge Casino is next on the list of unluckiest casinos in PA with only 3.6% mentioning any of the lucky terms.

A few more that made the unluckiest list is Mohegan Pennsylvania, Mount Airy Casino Resort Spa, and Harrah's Philadelphia.

Good luck.

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