Even though you're not a billionaire today, you may have still won some decent money from last night's record-setting Mega Millions drawing.

The Winning $1.58 Billion Ticket Was Sold in Florida

One ticket sold at a Publix grocery store in Florida matched all five of the white balls and the Gold Mega Ball, making it a $1.58 BILLION dollar winner. Yikes. That's an insane amount of money.

The winner (or winners) have the choice of taking the money in annual installments or a one-time lump sum of $738 million. Which would you choose? I think I'd go with the lump sum.

New Jersey Had 13 Third Tier Prize Winners

The New Jersey Lottery has announced that there are 13 third tier prize winners across the state. Who knows...one of those winners could be you.

Check your tickets.

These winning tickets matched four of the five white balls and the Gold Mega Ball. The payout is $10,000. I'd take it.

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Out of those 13 tickets, three were bought with the Megaplier option, which means the prize is multiplied to $20,000. Even better. You could definitely have some fun with that money or pay off some bills.

The three $20,000 winning tickets were sold in Hudson, Ocean and Passaic Counties.

The ten $10,000 winning tickets were sold in Camden, Gloucester, Monmouth, Morris, Ocean, Passaic, Somerset and Union Counties.

To see the locations where the winning tickets were sold, click here.

Many Other New Jerseyians Won Lesser Prizes

The NJ Lottery press release also revealed that 240 tickets matched four out of five white balls, winning $500, 31 of those were bought with the multipler option, making the prize $1,000.

Plus, 340,079 people won anywhere from $2 to $400. I would have even been happy with that.

Incase you're wondering, the winning numbers were 13,19,20,32, and 33. The Gold Mega Ball was 14 and the Mega Multiplier was 2.

Now, we start all over again. Ha ha. The next Mega Millions drawing is Friday night, August 11.

Mega Millions drawings are Tuesday and Friday nights at 11pm.

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