As evenings continue to cool, you may find yourself outdoors more often going for a walk. If you happen to be outdoors, you may want to look up into the evening sky over the coning weeks. Several exciting celestial events are set to peak as we enter the month of October.

Astronomers say another meteor shower will peak soon above the skies of New York state, and they're calling this one a real "oddity".

2023's Last Supermoon

It's an active time of year for celestial events, as 2023's last Supermoon arrives early morning September 29, around 5:58 AM. From here, we'll have to wait almost a full year for another Supermon. the next one won't happen until September 18, 2024.

Next Meteor Display Above New York 

Earth Sky reports that the Draconid meteor shower (also know as the Giacobinids) is set to peak during the evenings of October 8 and 9. Some scientists call this meteor shower a bit of an oddity because its radiant point "stands highest in the sky as darkness falls".

Basically, the best time to see the Draconids will be around dusk versus other meteor showers that peak early in the morning before sunrise.

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The radiant point is the part of the sky where the meteors appear to emanate. says less light from the Moon this year will offer better potential viewing.

NASA says the meteor shower peaks this time of year when Earth passes threw the remains of the comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner.

Christopher Furlong
Christopher Furlong

While Earth Sky says this isn't usually a major meteor shower, there have been random years that spectacular meteor storms end up producing hundreds to thousands of meteors an hour.

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This is due to the debris from the comet not being scattered evenly around its orbit, says astronomers. So, if the Earth just happens to pass through the comet debris at just the right point, then expect more meteors.

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