An eagle spotted injured and grounded in an Ocean City, New Jersey neighborhood has fortunately been rescued.

Bald Eagle Stranded, Found Hiding Alongside Home in Ocean City, NJ

A post on the Humane Society of Ocean City Facebook page Tuesday does not specify exactly where in Ocean City the bird was found, but they did capture the rescue on video.

In the clip, the male bald eagle, who has since been named Eddie, and his huge wingspan can be seen trying to flee his rescuers. You can hear the panic in the photographer's voice as the bird tries to fly away.

What Happened to the Injured Eagle from Ocean City, NJ?

Bird and Fishing Net

Luckily, the Humane Society workers persisted and managed to get Eddie the Eagle safely into a net.

Wherever Eddie came from before he ended up in Ocean City, his journey was not over yet.

The eagle took a trip to Newark, Delaware, where he's now in the safe hands of the Tri-State Bird Rescue.

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Humane Society of Ocean City says if Eddie the Eagle makes a full recover he can be returned to the wild. If you'd like to contribute to his care, you can donate to Tri-State Bird Rescue online.

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