Curious about those white diamonds painted on some New Jersey roads? Here's what they mean.

White dashed lines I know. Double yellow lines? I know that, too. Solid white line? That means it's not safe to pass and you should stay in your lane. But, for some reason, I never paid much attention to the white diamonds. I was today-years-old when I found out what they're for.

I guess I just never thought of New Jersey as much of a carpooling state. But those white diamonds mark HOV lanes.


HOV stands for 'high occupancy vehicle', and you're most likely to see the markings in the Garden State on the New Jersey Turnpike and Route 287, reports.

If you are driving along and happen to roll into a lane painted with white diamonds, you should get over, especially if you're driving alone. HOV lanes are meant for drivers carrying three or more passengers as well as hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles, according to

If you're running into traffic, it might feel like a good idea to cruise the carpool lane to get ahead, but doing so may also get you pulled over and a ticket.

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New Jersey State Police do enforce the exclusive use of HOV lanes by hybrids vehicles and carpoolers, so if that's not YOU, find another lane to drive.

The good news is that most HOV lanes are only designated so during certain hours, mostly during peak rush hour times in the morning and late afternoon when commuters are coming and going to work.

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