The internet is a wonderful resource for just about ANYTHING you need or want. That's how some New Jersey drivers are finding a clever way to avoid tolls and hide their license plates.

In 2022 a driver named Lequincy Anderson was arrested trying to cross the GWB without paying the toll. He had $20,000 in unpaid tolls.

Nobody likes to pay tolls in New Jersey, but it's a way of life. E-ZPass has made it less of an annoyance and since the money is not coming out of our hands every day, it may seem less painful.


Tolls on the George Washington Bridge are insane. For cars, it's $17.63 (Tolls-by-Mail), $15.38 for Peak if you have E-ZPass and $13.38 for Off-peak with E-ZPass.

George Washington Bridge
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So how did that guy get away with it for so long with all of those cameras? You know, the cameras that catch even legal E-ZPass drivers.

Just do a quick search for license plate covers or curtains and voila! For the bargain price of just $89.95 you can buy this remote-controlled "curtain" that will hide your license plate when you enter a toll reader area.


Then just lift the curtain when you're through so as not to attract the attention of law enforcement. This can be used for other more nefarious activities, but it's still legal to buy online. Using one is a different story.

Even a license plate "frame" would have gotten you in trouble in New Jersey just a year ago. You know, the kind the dealer slaps on your car before you drive off the lot. A bill signed into law last May now states as long as the plate can be read, you're OK.

Those are very different from the remote-controlled curtain. There is little doubt that you'll get a ticket here in the Garden State for that one. Just ask Lequincy Anderson.

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