Alright, now this just isn't cool.

Jersey has some of the best pizza in the country, so when a list of the top 100 pizza spots in the country is released we should be all up and down it right?

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Whether it's a massive boardwalk slice from Seaside Heights, grabbing a pie from Brooklyn Square, or going to the Slice House in Toms River Jersey has some serious pizza.

Plus there are so many off-the-wall pizza places that it should be almost impossible for it to be limited down to just one place.

Places like Tony Boloney's which makes some of the most unique pizzas in Jersey like their taco pizza which is to die for.

So when Yelp releases its list of the year's top 100 pizza places throughout the Country you'd think Jersey is a shoo-in for having a few spots on that list.

Only One New Jersey Pizzeria Made Yelps Top 100 List For 2024

What grinds my gears is that our neighbors to the North in New York have somewhere in the area of 7 pizza spots on this list!

Photo by Diego Marín on Unsplash
Photo by Diego Marín on Unsplash

And let's be honest, Jeresy pizza trumps New York pizza any day of the week.

But, the Yelp reviewers have spoken and deemed only one pizza spot in Jersy worthy of the Top 100 list and that's none other than Jersey City's Razza Pizza.

It's an artisanal pizza spot that specializes in wood-fired pizza and fresh ingredients.

So congrats to Razza for making the list!

I still think though that there should be more than just one New Jersey pizza spot on Yelp's top 100 for 2024.

But some representation is better than none I guess, right?

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