New Jersey is home to a lot of picture-perfect little towns from Point Pleasant to Allentown to Frenchtown and Lambertville, there's a lot to explore in Jersey.

But when a national publication claims to have found Jersey's 7 most picture-perfect towns, you're ears prick up a little bit.

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Especially since in Jersey, everyone is very opinionated about which town is better than another town.

What 7 New Jersey Towns Are Being Called The State's Most Picture Perfect?

That's right, 7 towns in Jersey are being called the most picture-perfect in the state according to World Atlas.

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#7. Swedesboro New Jersey

Founded in the 1600s as a New Sweden colony, this town has some fantastic architecture and a wonderful small-town vibe.

#6. South Orange New Jersey

Founded nearly 350 years ago, it's one of the first places settlers lived in Jersey according to World Atlas.

#5. Morristown New Jersey

Morristown regularly ranks as one of the best towns in Jersey. It has a fun and exciting little downtown, it's chock full of history, and if housing prices didn't cost an arm and a leg, I'd move there myself!

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#4. Cranbury New Jersey

In addition to being the home of one of Jersey's most haunted restaurants, the Cranbury Inn, this town is also a preserved historic town with many homes and buildings clocking in at several hundred years old.

#3. Chatham New Jersey 

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World Atlas is calling Chatham one of Jersey's most charming towns with gorgeous homes.

It's also one of the most wealthy communities in the state of New Jersey.

#2. Cape May New Jersey

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Of course, World Atlas had to include at least one town along the Jersey Shore and Cape May is a great choice.

With its gorgeous Victorian homes, historic buildings, and amazingly quaint downtown area Cape May is perfect for a day trip or a whole vacation!

#1. Burlington New Jersey

If you want history, this is where you'll get it.

Burlington, in addition to being a cute little town, was once visited by Ben Franklin and Ulysses S. Grant.

It's a town filled with fun and eclectic shops according to World Atlas, and is a must-visit if you're looking for a fun Jersey day trip.

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