National College Decision Day is May 1 every year in the United States. It's the day students who have been accepted to a university make their choice and commit to a school.

It's a huge decision for millions of young people as it determines where they will, hopefully, spend at least the next 4 years of their lives. Granted, that's not how it always works out. Some high schoolers simply choose another direction than college. Others start at one institution and transfer to another. Some fail or drop out.

Regardless, here in New York, thousands of students will choose where they want to start their secondary education journey. For many of them, it will be right here in the Empire State. After all, local students get a discount and can save by commuting to college rather than living in the dorms if they choose a college close enough to their home. 

Even if you're local, that doesn't guarantee acceptance. Some New York colleges and universities are much easier to get acceptance letters from than others. According to US News and World Report, the average college admission rate in the United States is around 70%. However, in New York state, the average acceptance rate stands at just under 53%. 

45 Hardest Colleges To Get Into in New York

When it comes to getting an acceptance letter in New York, some universities are very difficult, with high academic standards. After all, New York is home to some of the best colleges in the world.

Which colleges across New York State are the toughest to get into? We looked at the latest rankings of the colleges with the lowest acceptance rates in the US to break down how easy or tough it will be to get into the New York State school of your dreams. 

Keep scrolling to see where your college (or hopefully future college) lands on the list.

45 Hardest Colleges To Get Into in New York

According to data from the US Department of Education, here's the ranking of the colleges and universities with the lowest acceptance rates.

Gallery Credit: YouTube/Canva

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