🚨The scammer uses the name of an actual Bensalem police officer

🚨Officers will never call asking for money


If you get a call from a Bensalem police officer about owing money because of a missed grand jury appearance it's a scam.

Bensalem Director of Public Safety William McVey said residents have reported phone calls from someone who identifies themself using the name of an actual officer and says they own money to avoid criminal or civil penalties.

Director of Public Safety William McVey said no Bensalem officer, regardless of rank, will ever call asking for money.

Caution about calls

A red flag should go up if someone calls asking for payment using a gift card, according to McVey. Other signs to be aware of include:

  • Online vendors, businesses, or governmental bodies asking for payment via gift card
  • High-pressure calls alleging legal issues or overdue tax payments
  • Requests for payment with an unrelated gift card for any service or item
  • Anyone who asks for a gift card number or PIN over the phone or online
  • Promises of check reimbursement
  • Messages that appear to be from a work superior requesting gift card purchases

McVey said anyone concerned about a phone call from someone claiming to be a police officer should call 215-633-3719.

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