Wherever you go in Western New York, you will quickly learn that there are associated stereotypes within different towns and cities around Buffalo. 

Not all of them are accurate, but they do seem to be based on some truth….of course, that may be an exaggerated truth, but if you have ever been associated with a common belief or a stereotype based on where you live, you most likely are able to laugh about it. 

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Eden, NY often gets the reputation for being “Home to the Corn,” and that could very well be due to their insanely fun Eden Corn Festival, which happens every year. The residents of Eden are usually good sports about it. 

But what about the other regions in Western New York? You may know the stereotype commonly associated with your town, but what about the other several places in Western New York?

We took a poll on Facebook at 106.5 WYRK, and here are the results. 

15 Stereotypes That Are Associated With Western New York

Wherever you go in Western New York, there is something that town is known for, and it can give you an impression of someone before you really get a chance to know them.

Do you agree with these common stereotypes of Western New York residents?

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I have to admit, I have lived in Buffalo for almost three years and have yet to see these “Alabama swamps.” It sounds like something I’m going to have to check out!

Did your town make the list? Let’s add it! Answer the question in an email to kadie@wyrk.com : What town do you live in, and what is the stereotype people believe about that town?

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