It won't be much longer before the warm summer vibes return to New Jersey. That time of year when many throughout The Garden State want to kick back and take it easy.

For many who work in New Jersey, it's the time of year for vacations, cookouts, and multiple-day trips. Unfortunately for some, that can be tough thanks to their work schedule.

Yes, there are many seasonal jobs out there where work is only available during the warmer months. For those employers, the following suggestions don't necessarily apply.

Anytime a job is seasonal, you'll almost always have that period where you won't be working. But it's all part of the position and industry, which is something known when employees are hired.

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The same goes for part-time. If you're part-time, then you're already limited to the number of hours you can work. But it's a different ball game for those who work full-time year-round.

For those who work full-time throughout the year, they often don't get special breaks during the summer, unless they use their own time. Not that there's anything wrong with that since that's the job they signed up to do.

But anything an employer could do when the weather is warmer certainly would go a long way, even if it's something small. And although no company should be asked to shut down during the summer months, there are a handful of things they can do to help keep morale up when the weather is at its best.


Summer Fridays

For those who work the standard Monday through Friday schedule, weekends during the summer are extra exciting. But sometimes, two full days may not be enough to take advantage of all the activities you can only do during the summer months.

One possible solution for an employer is to have summer Fridays. And it can work in a number of ways.

Either employee can rotate who gets out early on a Friday, or the entire staff can get out early so they can start their weekends sooner rather than later. For the most part, employees probably wouldn't complain.


Summer treats

Although summer Fridays are a popular idea, sometimes a company can't afford to shut down early. In that situation, there's another idea they can try to go with.

What about having weekly treats at the office? It could be a weekly delivery of ice pops for the staff or a scheduled ice cream truck every Thursday for lunch.

Of course, ice cream and ice pops aren't the only options, but they are possibilities. And it would certainly be a welcome addition for pretty much everyone in the office.


Reduced hours

This one's related to the summer Friday idea, but a bit broader to include the non-traditional full-time work schedules. What if during the summer you were able to leave the office about an hour early every day?

Or, what if you had an extra hour in the morning to get your day started? Some employees might like this option so they can get an early morning run.

What's more, not everyone would have to have the same hours shaved. One employee can have a later start time, while another could have an early out.

Even an extended lunch can go a long way. But whatever it is, reduced hours in the summer would be a nice gesture to help keep employees happy.

Ihor Kashurin
Ihor Kashurin

Summer activities

This one could be fun. What if an employer was able to organize some activities to do outside for the team?

It could be any weekday to help break up the week and to help employees enjoy the nicer weather while it's here. Or, they could even break out a grill and flip some burgers outside the office once or twice during the summer season.

All ideas some employers could possibly consider as warm summer days approach.


What about remote workers?

Of course, we can't forget about remote workers. With such a dramatic shift since 2020, a lot of people might be home more than ever before during the workweek.

Fortunately, much of the above can still happen even for those who work remotely. The most obvious, of course, would be reduced hours or summer Fridays.

But activities can still be done as well. Who says fun summer games can't be played on social platforms used by the company?

Working in the summer

Little things go a long way for employees

All are ideas some employers might choose to consider as we enter summertime in New Jersey. And whatever they do, it doesn't have to be anything big.

Ideas that can help break up the standard Monday through Friday 40-hour workweek would be very welcomed. Whether large or small, your employees will appreciate it.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 weekend host Mike Brant. Any opinions expressed are his own.

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