With the recent earthquake and the eclipse on it's way, many are on alert for strange occurrences in New York State.

If you hear a screaming sound at night this summer, it may not be what you think. The good weather has teased us over the last couple of weeks here in New York State. The good news is that it will be back soon, to stay.

If you are new to camping or being in the woods, you may hear a variety of new noises that startle you or peak your interest. We have three kids and they are constantly asking about sounds and if what they hear is a monster or not?

But this time of the year, as we get ready for camping and we open the windows on the house, you may hear a noise that sends a chill up your spine or sends you under the covers for safety. Many people say it sounds like a voice screaming or someone being hurt. Most likely, it is not. It can be either the sound a fox makes or, the sound a fisher makes.

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Here is the sound made by a fisher in the woods.

What is a fisher? It is a weasel-like animal that wonders the woods. In fact, sightings of fishers are becoming more common here in the Western New York area. A listener in Marilla, New York sent this video in to the WYRK studio. It shows a fisher lurking the woods and was captured on a trail camera.

Get ready for the nice weather and take the kids outdoors! There are some great adventures waiting in the woods this summer and, as far as I can tell, there are no monsters waiting in the shadows.

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