If you want Buffalo Bills season tickets this year, you are going to be paying a significant amount of more money.

Officials have announced that there will be an increase of 10% from your tickets. Why the price increase? Inflation? More games?

Season ticket holders will get one extra game than last year:

  • 2023: 9 total games
  • 2024: 10 total games

Some people are not happy with the increase on social media, noting that the extra preseason game isn't worth 10% more money. But, the season ticket prices are STILL some of the cheapest for any teams in the National Football League.

Last  year, 97% of season ticket holders came back for the new season. The waiting list is quite long to get season ticket holders.

  • Season ticket holders came in at 63,767.
  • Officials expect next year that we will be at over 64,000.

Even though the numbers for season ticket holders seem great, the Buffalo Bills season ticket holder amount ranks toward the bottom of the entire NFL.

What is the cheapest Bills season ticket?

The least-expensive Buffalo Bills season for the 2023 season is $550 after taxes and fees. Those seats are on the ends of certain 300 sections. 

What about the new stadium? Who gets priority for the season tickets in the new Buffalo Bills stadium?

Members will have priority access to select seats in the new stadium, and will have access to comparable or better seats than their existing vantage points. Every Season Ticket member will have a dedicated new stadium representative to guide them through the transition to the new stadium, with those reps starting to reaching out to accounts holders beginning at the end of February.

With more than 15,000 season ticket accounts to reach out to over the course of this process, the Bills are asking Season Ticket members to be patient while they wait to be contacted", according to WCMF.

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