A huge opportunity has popped up near East Aurora, New York that could be a big money making venture and the focus of the revitalization of the West Falls area.

This bar is legendary! Especially if you grew up in or around West Falls. Cookies Bar was once a true, blue collar, working man’s type of bar. Over the years it has changed looks both inside and out and has had different vibes or styles on the inside. It is a great location especially for those who love to ski as it is it’s off of route 240 and just a few miles down the road from Kissing Bridge!

I didn’t realize it when I would stop to meet friends for a few drinks, but there is an apartment above the bar that looks to have been updated recently as well.

It truly is a gold mine waiting for a new owner and with the right menu and plan, this could be the new hotspot for residents of the Town of Aurora or Orchard Park.

According to the listing posted recently on Zillow:

Legendary bar with 2 luxurious upper apartments offers endless possibilities & $3550 per month in rental income to finance your dream business. Coffee house, snack shop, art/music studios, bakery, ski/bike shop???

Legendary Bar In West Falls, NY Is For Sale

This building is located conveniently near the Rail to Trail path that cuts through the West Falls area. The area around West Falls is starting to get some steam and has huge potential. The Zillow listing also mentions a large grant that is being used to give West Falls a face lift. If you drive through West Falls, you can't help but notice the progress. It sure is great to see and this bar/building could be the opportunity of a lifetime!

Legendary Bar In Town of Aurora Is For Sale

Gallery Credit: Clay Moden

There is also a neat "farmette" for sale in Cherry Creek, New York that is getting lots of attention.

Cherry Creek "Farmette" For Sale

Gallery Credit: Clay Moden

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