This morning we discussed a proposal by Assemblyman Declan O'Scanlon that would allow roadway engineers to set the speed limits in NJ, as well as doing away with speed traps. These engineers are experts in the way cars drive and how they handle the road and would be a much better alternative than lawmakers to dictate what the speed limits are.

"If you set reasonable speed limits based on sound engineering criteria, you will get the greatest amount of compliance and the greatest amount of safety, with the least amount of punishment," O'Scanlon noted.

O'Scanlon went on to say that lawmakers should confuse safety with an opportunity to raise money. "We are some of the safest drivers in the world and I'm proud of that. We dont need to permit government and government officials to, in the name of our safety, slew us into permitting them to steal our money. That's when you cross the line.

To make this a reality, this is something that would require legislation that O'Scanlon says he and other NJ lawmakers are working on. This will help motorists be treated fairly both on local highways and secondary roads.

Later on in the hour, a caller named Frank came up with the best idea I heard all day about how to handle the speed limits, with new technology in place. Listen to Frank's idea in the YouTube clip below.



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