A few weeks back, as we (finally) moved into the warmer weather "Spring" season, I wrote about the return of the lawnmower in our "Garden State" lives (click here). 

The roar of the tractor engine...push mower or riding mower!

NOW...with all the rain (and more tomorrow), the grass is growing...like CRAZY!

And, with it (seeming to be) raining EVERY day, the time period between lawn "haircuts" is getting longer, too!

Question...what happens when everyday "grass" doesn't see a lawnmower at all (so far this cutting season)?

Your "lawn" will do this if uncut. Seriously! (Craig Allen photo)

"Welcome To The Jungle!"

Keep walking! (Craig Allen photo)

As you can see, the sidewalk is somewhat overgrown... by the overgrowth.

too tall
Got a scythe? (Craig Allen photo)

The grass in this un-mown parcel of lawn is above 5 feet tall!

Can you say "Hay Field?"

This grass is more than "knee-high by the 4th of July," with all apologies to Jersey sweet corn!

other side
Looking back through the jungle, from the other direction... (Craig Allen photo)

As I walk through this jungle, all I can think is: the ticks are just waiting in the tall grass...ready to pounce as I walk by...


Or...one could lose a child, or small pet, in this overgrowth.

Its time...for somebody...to cut the grass!

"Just take a little off the top!" (Craig Allen photo)


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