When you see someone walking alone or riding a bike by themselves or with family, wearing a mask, you have to wonder: What could possibly be the reason?


OK, calm down, snowflake. It's a virus. Some people have gotten it and ended up in bad shape or have even died. Sort of, but not exactly, like the seasonal flu. Tens of thousand of Americans die from that every year and it's transmitted the same way.

This one is new and it has everybody freaked out. Well, not everybody. My-89 year-old mom had it and she barely noticed. We pulled her out of assisted living where the government-mandated rules were worse than prison, and she's bouncing around from sibling to sibling's house and thriving, thank God.

Back to the people freaking out. You're entitled to freak out. Everyone has their own level of comfort and safety. But the people in charge, our elected officials, can freak out all they want, but they can't violate our basic rights and freedoms. Too late for that speech. Gov. Phil Murphy's been doing it for five months now and nobody's been able to stop him.

However on the local level, towns and cities like Hoboken, out of virtue-signaling, paranoia or naked power lust, are marking their own territory. The city council there is considering issuing a $250 fine for people not wearing a mask in public! The proposal's already passed a first reading, setting it up for a final vote next week.

If someone could tell these clowns that have been democratically elected that it is not their job nor their right to rule or "protect" us in this way, it might help.

Do you agree?

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis' own.

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