Last Thursday, Gov. Christie quietly signed a law that would end the heinous practice of arresting people for unpaid parking tickets without them being aware that they had a warrant for their arrest.

A few years back, I had a friend coming over to visit. She called me from the end of my street to tell me she had been pulled over and arrested. She had missed a court date the day before for a traffic/parking violation. It was on the 13th of the month and she read it on the ticket as the 15th.

When I raced down there to see if I could help I was shouted back into my car by no less than three officers from two different towns. I had to wait until they brought her to the station, handcuffed, chained her to a bench at the station and she posted the proper amount of MONEY to obtain her release.

She is a quiet, shy, demure woman who posed no threat to anyone, yet she was treated like a dangerous criminal for over an hour. Everyone, of course, immediately gets angry at the cops. It's not their fault! They are simply doing their job and following the law. Well, part of the law has just changed.

According to a recent article on, under current law, the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission can immediately suspend a person's license or registration when a court notifies them that the driver didn't pay the parking ticket or failed to respond to a court notice.

In that same article, under the new law, they must wait 30 days to give sufficient notice to the driver that a suspension has been ordered.

The assembly passed the new bill 72-0 and the senate passed it 37-0, and now the governor signed it into law. It doesn't go into effect until December. Why?

If this was a slam dunk how did it become law in the first place? It's been in place for years. Why did it take so long? Why was it sponsored by 10 Democrats who normally want to shake every penny out of you even when you're dead? Why?

Well in December, we will probably have elected a new Democrat governor and legislation is already in place to legalize weed. So now they have a big new spigot of tax money that will be flowing into their big government coffers and their need to squeeze you in this most obnoxious criminal way will be decreased.

Oh we'll still live in a police state with far too many laws and pay far too high a price in liberty and dollars. But they can afford to let their boot off your neck just a little bit and claim to be the heroes of the working man and woman.

Again, I don't blame the police. They're just doing their job. I blame the legislators in Trenton for this nonsense which has piled up over years and years of abuse of power. When they get their governor in place come November things might get a little better as far as fleecing you on the street, but we'll still have the highest taxes in the land.

But don't fret, you can just go to a local dispensary, pick up your favorite type of Bobo Bush, get high and not worry about it, bro!

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