A lawsuit has been filed on behalf of a Chatham mom who claims that her middle school kid is being subject to Islamic recruiting videos. I was joined by Attorney Kate Oliveri on Tuesday, from the Thomas More Law Center who is representing the Chatham mom, to discuss the lawsuit.  I watched the videos, which are being played in a World Cultures and Geography class, and in my opinion, it's a recruiting video and beyond an educational tool. The real test to see if this is essentially cultural sensitivity training or actual education is whether or not the school would show equally compelling videos about the Jewish faith or the Catholic Church. I highly doubt it. What's interesting about our PC culture today is that the main stream media can barely mention anything to do with the Catholic Church without referencing the sex scandal from years ago. Try mentioning acts of terror carried out in the name of Islam when discussing the Muslim religion and you will be labeled a bigot immediately.

We need to do a better job teaching all religions in school. Kids should learn to understand and appreciate the cultural and spiritual diversity of so many new Americans. However, showing a religious recruitment video that is clearly aimed at disarming some of the legitimate questions about the actions taking place in the name of religion in many Muslim countries is propaganda, not education.

Beyond that, where are the objections from the ACLU? You can't even call a Christmas break "Christmas" because of a threat of a lawsuit. This lawsuit is an important push back in the ongoing war to re-establish common sense and true equality among diverse religions. Kudos to the brave mom and her attorney for taking a huge step against an overwhelmingly politically correct culture in our schools.

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