My friend Phil Rizzo, who is the pastor at City Baptist Church in Hudson County, is thinking about running for governor.

He grew up in Morris County and has quite a story of overcoming adversity. Not the least of which is when he lost his arm in an accident, it did not stop him from playing both sides of the ball as a member of his high school varsity football team.

He recently launched an organization called AriseNJ with the purpose of getting parents involved in the local school board elections.

He's a thoughtful family man who has put his money where his mouth is and echoes many of my sentiments about reopening the state without restrictions. The question is whether NJ voters are ready for something different. How quickly will the current GOP establishment attack him as a "radical" simply because he supported President Trump and has the title "pastor"?

How many NJ residents are truly over the fear of COVID? How many are ready to embrace the fact that regardless of transmission of the virus, most people will get it, the WHO estimated more than three quarters of a BILLION have already had it and not only did most survive, most weren't even sick.

Restaurants, small business entrepreneurs, working class families, parents, teachers, all a part of the fabric that makes NJ a great place to live and work. But with rising debt, spending and crushing lockdown measures are leading to a mass exodus from our state.

Can Pastor Phil Rizzo be the guy who helps lead the way to normalcy?

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