After all the racist Jeremy Lin messages, here's one that wasn't.  If I were Jeremy Lin I'd have walked right off the court into the stands and gotten her number.  So many fans have been caught up in the Lin hysteria (Linsteria? That's a stretch.) that they've held up signs or posted things on the internet out of pure excitement and not racism, but they've come off as very racist all the same.  Such as "Who Says Asians Can't Drive" with a picture of Jeremy Lin driving to the basket.  Worst offender was media itself when ESPN put the headline "Chink In The Armor" on a Lin story.  The editor who was fired for it claims in no way was he referring to Lin's ethnicity.  Riiiight.

The Knick's star point guard is living the dream right now.  Lin, who just a month ago was still crashing on his brother's couch, just rented an 1,182 square foot condo in the heart of Manhattan's financial district.  I'm thinking the lovely lady holding this non-racial sign ought to be invited over for a drink.