Is the media protecting New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy? I'd say it's about as obvious as anything.

Of course, many media outlets will manipulate data to drive eyeballs and clicks. We've seen this throughout the pandemic as the media runs cover for the most dramatic report of suffering. Now as the politicians turn from "slowing the spread" to keep medical facilities available for actual sick people, to reducing so-called "cases" to zero, we are looking at a second lockdown.

We know as fact that deaths have dropped dramatically in all states and countries without lockdowns. We know factually that there are fewer than 1,000 New Jerseyans hospitalized with COVID-19. We don't know how many are elderly and how many are actually hospitalized for their comorbidities. Why have reporters not asked this question of Murphy or the state health commissioner? Why haven't the media outlets spoken "truth to power" on behalf of the people that watch and pay the bills? The reason? Most media outlets — reporters and hosts alike — crave access to the elites for the perks and accolades and take their audience for granted.

Nothing has proved more ineffective against a virus than lockdowns. Nothing has killed more people than the horrible decisions of Murphy and his cohort Judy Persichelli when they forced sick people into nursing homes — instead of using the thousands of available empty beds provided by the Trump administration. Thousands died as a result. Thousands of families separated from their loved ones while they suffered and died. All of this in the name of keeping you safe. The New Jersey media hardly mentions any of this. The New Jersey media is quick to show a suffering young person as a way of reminding you that the disease is real and you should be scared. They are quick to play gotcha when your mask is on incorrectly. They are quick to carry the water for the governor as he turns the blame away from the failed lockdown policy to blame small family and friend gatherings for the spike in positive cases.

This despite the fact that we know 90% of these tests are inaccurate and the tests are being used improperly. This despite the fact that the people who are dying and sick have major health complications and for the most part are over the age of 70. We have the New Jersey media running cover for the insane decisions made by local school districts to close classrooms because a kid who walked through the hall at one point tested positive a week before. The New Jersey media never brings up the facts about the dramatic decline in deaths.

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Why isn’t the ACTUAL data from the CDC being discussed? Why is the media only talking about cases going up (because we are testing) more but the real numbers that matter namely the death rate are way down. Chart one shows actual deaths and the trend going way down. 2nd slide shows that the number of new cases and number of deaths per week are no longer correlated. In other words, while there have been increases in new cases per week, there has actually been a steady decrease in deaths per week. I guess they can’t rule you with fear if they tell you the truth. all data from: and

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And the fact that "no-lockdown" states and countries are seeing no "second wave" with Sweden only a couple of weeks from showing that they will have ZERO excess deaths over last year's total. That means we essentially took deaths from viruses and other complications and relabeled them all COVID-19. So COVID-19 deaths are high but other deaths are flat. We should have never shut down the economy. We should have kept the schools open. We should have had a media spreading facts and not fear. We deserve better than the propaganda and garbage being spewed by most of the so-called "reporters" that comprise the Fourth Estate.

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