It's bothered me for a few years now to see a family or even a couple with their face in their phones when they're out at a restaurant. The truth is, it's none of my business what people do at their dinner table, as long as they're not disrupting other people's dining experience.

People on their phone are the exact opposite. They keep to themselves, not bothering anyone. Unless you're the mom or dad paying for the meal.

I won't have it at my table. I think it's disrespectful and sad. But if you want to do it, knock yourself out. Soon enough it will be commonplace for so long that no one will bat an eye.

One restauranteur in the Poconos is bothered so much by the practice, they're offering a 10% discount to families who put ALL of their phones in a "Family Charging Station" basket in the front of Sarah's Corner Café in Stroudsburg Pa. It's for families of 4 or more.

I like the idea. I think we've lost something in society since the introduction of the smartphone. Maybe the benefits outweigh the harm. Time will tell. But I still feel kinda bad for the parents and the kids when I look over at a table where everyone in on their devices.

Soon there will be an app that'll have someone come over to your table and put the food in your mouth so you don't EVER have to look up from your phone.

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