Certainly seems that the Governor thinks he is above his own orders. After threatening business owners with citations and possible arrests for opening or even gathering to protest, he broke his own order. Marching in two separate protests for George Floyd, the Governor ignored his own orders against public gatherings and social distance. What makes it even worse is the Governor marched on Sunday, one day after a business owner in Randolph received two citations for holding a rally to promote local businesses.

Jenny Rogers, the business owner, joined me on the show to explain what she did and why. She’s facing six months in jail and a $1,000 fine for each citation. As with many business owners, Jenny tried to do the right thing, but she knows that even with the gradual reopening, no business can service on 25% or even 50% capacity. If we don’t open this state up 100% with no restrictions, the economic devastation will last for years.

What makes this even worse is the hypocrisy from the Governor acting as if his orders only should be applied to you and not him. Assemblyman Jay Webber called him out in a letter to the Superintendent of the State Police and the Attorney General. Jay asked for the Governor to be issued the same citation for breaking the order that Jenny Rogers received.

Justice right? Isn’t equal justice what the Governor has been marching about? Wednesday marked Day Two with no response. We’ll keep you posted.

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