So many of us love to hear about haunted houses, but the enthusiasm for the stories fades away a little as you get closer and closer to home.

So, if someone told you that there is a building in Monmouth County that was once considered to be the most haunted places in America, would you consider that a little too close to home?

Well, back in 2014, Weird NJ asked the question of whether the Spy House in Port Monmouth, also known as the Seabrook Wilson House, should have the title of most haunted in America, and while no crowning of the most haunted happened in the article, the chilling stories and encounters it documented certainly led to the possibility that it could be.

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The stories of ghost boys and spirits rocking in chairs and the eyewitness accounts are nothing short of bone chilling. And knowing this building sits in Middletown certainly doesn't make falling asleep in Monmouth County any easier.

In an article at Try To Scare Me, there are stories of a woman in white who is reportedly the widow of a soldier, and more stories of a boy ghost peering out a window watching people below.

And there are also stories, as reported at of kids playing and then "dissipating" right in front of people's eyes.That is some spooky stuff.

The building was put on the National Register of Historic Places in the mid 70's, just before it became a museum.

The reports of hauntings from visitors were relatively persistent, and at one point, officials decided to close it to the public, which of course only fueled the rumors that something supernatural was going on in there.

If you have any specific stories about ghosts at the Spy House, or anywhere n Monmouth & Ocean Counties, please share them with us!

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