In New Jersey when temperatures hit the mid forties, we brine the roads.

A little bit of rain? We brine.

New Jersey commuters and taxpayers paid the price for Murphy's incompetent reaction to a November storm where people were stranded for hours. Hundreds more motorists were victims of weather related accidents. But instead of owning up to the mistake, Murphy and his team of insiders punished us.

They spent more than $80 million against a budget of just more then $10 million to brine the roads and ready the plows every time a cloud appeared in the sky. And the reaction from the top bureaucrat in the DOT? She hopes this is not the new normal.


How is she employed if all she's doing is reacting to the clueless Governor? Shouldn't we expect some backbone from the people charged with carrying out the function of government?

What if someone, anyone, in state government stood up and called out the emperor for having no clothes?

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