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If you break off an engagement, does that mean you also have to return the 5 carat engagement ring?

Well, it really depends on which state you live in.

WP Diamonds, one of the largest online buyers of diamonds, produced a state-by-state guide to who gets to keep the ring in a broken engagement or divorce. New Jersey's law on the matter is similar to that of most other states — in the case of a broken engagement, the ring gets returned to the gifter. In the case of a divorce, the recipient of the ring gets to keep it.

And while New Jersey follows the norm, some other states do things a whole lot differently.

In New Hampshire, Alabama, Alaska, Kentucky, and Massachusetts, the person who breaks off the engagement is the one who loses the ring. And look out if you got engaged in Rhode Island, Arkansas, Hawaii, and Idaho because there are no laws on the books in these states. Guess you'll just have to solve it together, if that's possible.

And while most states allow the recipient of the ring to keep it in the case of a divorce, the ring is split between both parties in Indiana, Kansas, Massachusetts, and Vermont.

In this episode of Forever 39, we talk about the dos and dont's of a broken engagement. Have you ever dealt with this before? Did you return the ring or keep it? Share your story with us at

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— Annette and Megan, Forever 39

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