In New Jersey, we're always wanting more. More of this, and more of that. And when it comes to food, there are certainly no exceptions.

We're very fortunate to have so many great choices to choose from in The Great Garden State. From being named the diner capital in the world to having more Wawa's than anyone else, there's certainly no shortage of food options.

And even though many from other parts of the state love to enjoy all the food options that currently exist in The Garden State, there are some options we'd love to see come our way... or at least, expand some more.

When it comes to expansion, some throughout The Garden State would love to see a Jersey-based Waffle House. Even though it does exist within our region right over the Pennsylvania and Delaware borders, it would be nice to see a location or two cross the Delaware to our side of the river.

But what about chains that don't exist within our region at all? The ones that are very popular outside of New Jersey that even we love to eat at when we can?

One such chain is California-based In-N-Out Burger, now in its 75th year of operation. And it seems every time someone from New Jersey gives them a try, the reviews are always through the roof.

Will In-N-Out Burger ever come to New Jersey?
In-N-Out Burger via Facebook (Canva)

When it comes to expanding east, there is good news, bad news, and hopeful news. The good news is, that In-N-Out Burger is making its biggest march east to date with plans to open a new location in Tennessee, according to WBIR. That is a big march toward the East Coast for them.

Of course, that also means New Jersey isn't on this expansion list... yet. However, that bad news is also the hopeful news as they are getting closer and hopefully will arrive within our region... and, New Jersey... real soon.

So while we wait for them to make that announcement, you might be wondering, what is New Jersey's most popular drive-thru joint? What is it that we crave the most?

Drive-thru / Yum / Delicious

And, what is it that other states crave? Some of the answers might surprise you... especially New Jerseys, which couldn't be anymore... well... Jersey.

Plus, a Wawa drive-thru? Apparently so. See where that landed, along with more great options that have yet to arrive in The Great Garden State.

Also, feel free to share in the comments what great eatery you'd love to see come to New Jersey.

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