As many of you know, the government, both state and federal are taking over the ocean off of our New Jersey coast. They are industrializing it in the name of protecting the environment. Wind farms are not as clean and safe as they might want you to think.

Whether or not all of the dead dolphins and whales are due to offshore exploration for the foundations of the windmills has not been determined. Plenty of people have their doubts. Not enough independent study has been done to determine whether that is the cause.

Today the New Jersey Legislature is voting on a bill to give Orsted, the Danish wind company, more funding for their offshore windmills. This vote could make or break Orsted’s commitment to its Ocean Wind projects.

Humpback whale in Brigantine, NJ (Jan.13, 2023) (AP Photo/Wayne Parry)
Humpback whale in Brigantine, NJ (Jan.13, 2023) (AP Photo/Wayne Parry)

Your representatives will be voting on whether or not to give them more funding. Here’s a sample letter. You can send off an email to your assemblyman or assemblywoman. Here is a sample letter you can copy and paste courtesy of Protect Our Coast NJ. 

Vote NO on A5651
Dear Legislator,
Please vote NO on proposed Bill A5651. As more and more of your constituents learn every day, the proposed offshore wind projects' environmental harms and damages are proving limitless. Now, as feared, it appears the economic costs will be as well, especially for lower-income and blue-collar workers.
Even important clean energy initiatives must be weighed against the harms and costs put upon the very citizens they claim to benefit. Offshore wind is no exception and deserves no preferential treatment. Nor do the projects' foreign industrial energy developers deserve a do-over for underestimating the costs it would take to build and maintain the electric power generation facilities off New Jersey's shoreline.
Please take this opportunity to send a message to your constituents that our coastal ecosystems, shore communities, and hard-earned money are now off-limits when it comes to building power plants in our oceans. Vote NO on Bill A5651.

And below are the emails you can send it to.

Chairwoman Pintor-Marin (D) - 973--589-0713
Vice Chairman Wimberly (D) - 973-925-7061
Assemblyman Benson (D) - 609-631-0198
Assemblywoman. Chaparro (D) - 201-683-7917
Assemblyman Conaway (D) - 856-461--3997
Assemblywoman Dunn (R) - 908-955-7228
Assemblyman McKeon (D) - 973-377-1606
Assemblyman Mukherji (D) - 201-626-4000
Assemblywoman Munoz (R) - 908-918-0414
Assemblywoman Murphy (D) - 856-735-5334
Assemblywoman Reynolds-Jackson (D) - 609-571-9638
Assemblyman Rumpf (R) - 609-693-6700
Assemblyman Schaer (D) - 973-249-3665
Assemblyman Scharfenberger (R) - 732-856-9294
Assemblyman Wirths (R) - 973-300-0200

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