As the Impeachment trial continues in Washington, many of us clearly see this partisan charade serving only to lock up government resources and draw attention of the tremendously successful Trump Administration away from focusing 100% on its mission. This frustration is shared by many Americans and is reflected in the President's popularity, which is higher than former President Obama at this same point in his Administration.

We are rightfully angry that while the President is closing deals with China, which is opening up huge buyer markets for American farmers, decreasing illegal border crossings with the wall and increased and effective enforcement and leading a surging economy, limited resources have to be used to answer ridiculous charges from the Democratic majority in the House.

Several of those Democrats playing politics with the Constitution are right here in the Garden State. Their support of this appalling and politically motivated attack on President Trump has made them potentially vulnerable in their bids for re-election.

Mikie Sherrill in NJ's 11th district will be facing off against well-funded newcomer Rosemary Becchi. Tom Malinowski in NJ's 7th district will face a strong challenge by one of the most well known makes in Jersey politics, Senator Tom Kean Jr. And in generic polls, the freshman Democrat is down to a generic GOP challenger. Andy Kim in NJ's 3rd, a district Trump won by 6 points, will have a tough race regardless of who he draws as an opponent. And with Congressman Jeff Van Drew abandoning his party to become a Republican, the GOP is poised to go from 1 out of 12 Member of Congress to 5 out of 12. Not a bad turn around in one cycle.

With the GOP making gains at the state level in the 2019 'Murphy Midterm' elections, there's reason to believe that with the right candidates and the right message, New Jersey will once again become the balanced two-party state the we haven't seen in a long time.

Adding to the discussion of the responsibility of voters in New Jersey to stand up and push back against the radical politics of what I've called the "Trifecta of Disaster", is Deputy White House Press Secretary and Special Assistant to the President, Steven Groves. He joined me on the morning show to share the White House position on impeachment and the impact on the Garden State.

New Jersey has become one of the most important battlegrounds in the nation in the fight over "Sanctuary State" policies, which endanger public safety and the lives of law enforcement officers. New Jersey has become a battleground as the Democrats try to hold onto their majority in the US House, presumably so they can continue with the policies of obstruction and lawlessness in order to stop the success of the Trump Administration.

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The Democratic Party no longer represents the working and middle class taxpaying citizens who deserve a voice. The Democratic Party, especially in New Jersey, has become the champion of rich insiders like George Norcross and radicals like AG Grewal who would sooner compromise your children's safety than sacrifice his personal ideological agenda.

So you have a choice. The power is in your hands. If you have had enough of over-taxation, over-regulation, disrespect for Law Enforcement, abandoning teachers on the alter of special interests and our failing transportation infrastructure, then join me in this fight to take back New Jersey.

If you are a Democrat who believes in traditional values and fighting for working men and women, there is no room for you left in the New Jersey Democratic Party. Doesn't mean you have to become a Republican, but it does mean you should consider the person and not the party when voting this November.

For New Jersey to come back we need to elect better people. We need to stop the reckless 'borrow, spend, tax' schemes that are bankrupting our towns. And we need to throw out all the Reps in DC who are speaking for their personal ideological agenda instead of speaking for the people they represent. First stop, stop...2021. #SpeakForNewJersey #DigginIn

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