It's time. I resisted for many years convincing myself that getting the flu vaccination won't help prevent the flu. All because a few years ago, I got the shot and then got the flu. Here's the reality, you don't get the flu illness from the shot.

The other issue is that the higher the percentage of people in our community getting the vaccination, the better everyone's chances are to avoid the flu. The term used to describe the phenomenon is "Herd Immunity".

My journey to embrace the flu shot actually started with a conversation I had on Chasing News with the medical director for PATH medical in New York City, Dr. Eric Braverman. And yes, he convinced me.

The question is, will you be convinced? Perhaps the flu shot skeptics may need another incentive.

I stopped smoking about 20 years ago. Part of that decision was a financial one, not the cost of cigarettes, but the cost prohibitive nature of obtaining life insurance to protect my family. The difference in rates between smokers and non smokers is staggering.

Given the growing knowledge in the medical community about protecting the vulnerable from the deadly flu virus and the efficacy of the modern vaccines, perhaps the health insurance companies could create incentives of their own. Why should a person who embraces the vaccine and modern medicare pay the same as the person who avoided the shot?

The CDC estimates that flu-related deaths are as high as 50,000 people annually. Among children who die, an estimated 80% did not have the vaccine.

So get the shot, It may save you life, and your neighbors.

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