The game of poker over driver licenses for illegal immigrants finally has the undocumented showing their cards. President Trump’s recent mysterious tweet about soon launching massive roundups and deportations of “millions” of illegals is getting a reaction from immigrant groups in New Jersey.

While ICE isn’t talking about Trump’s meaning or plans, Make The Road New Jersey is. The advocacy group says we need to start giving driver licenses to those in the country illegally in order to shield them from police in traffic stops.

“Next week, we expect even more ICE raids in our communities. New Jersey must stand up now to expand access to licenses for immigrants like me and my family,” said Olga Armas, leader of Make the Road New Jersey. “Our families’ futures are on the line.”

The audacity is staggering. There are more than one million immigrants with final deportation orders not being enforced living in the U.S. according to the White House. Many of those will be found in New Jersey. They’ve had their hearings. They are supposed to be gone. Here this group, others like it, and Phil Murphy somehow think it’s noble to subvert federal law. So much so they want New Jersey to pass laws to do just that; defy our federal government.

I’m not going to call this treasonous, but isn’t this clearly obstruction of justice? This latest urging by Make The Road New Jersey also shows the left’s true colors. This was allegedly about making our roads safer and keeping drivers honest. Really it’s been about yet another step towards legitimizing the illegitimate. Another step towards rendering citizenship absolutely meaningless.

People illegally in this country have thumbed their noses at us for so long and now New Jersey is helping them get away with it. Again, more than a million have had their day in court. Now they need their day on a plane.

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