Eight families who came here last year, avoiding the normal immigration process, are suing the Trump administration for millions of dollars in damages. One of the families is here in New Jersey. They claim injury due to the separation from their children during detention, while awaiting an asylum hearing. The separation was a standard practice, that occurred in past administrations as well, to legally keep adults and children being detained apart. Adult and underage detainees are not kept in the same quarters as a matter of policy, for everyone's safety. Officials at the border weren't even sure some of these people were the actual parents or guardians of the children.

This is like you storming someone's house claiming you have a right to live there. Once they remove you, you take a dump on their lawn and then hire a lawyer claiming you were mean to them. It's unclear if they were actually granted refugee status or just another bunch of people who were released due to the "catch and release" policy put in place by past administrations. Having circumvented the legal process, which many millions of recent immigrants done with long wait times and great expense, they are now free to blend in and gain access to services even legal citizens here don't get. Free medical care EBT cards, free education are just a few of the benefits they'll be able to access.

No doubt many of these people come from desperate situations, like my grandparents did a century ago, when we desperately needed low skill workers. The employment landscape has changed and so have our immigration needs. Until we fix our system, unlikely given Congress' unwillingness to do anything other than fight with each other, we need to enforce the borders and the laws we have to protect them. Millions of people around the world would love to come here. Many apply and wait their turn every day and every week of the year. We cannot allow people to take advantage of our system, try to water it down and then spit in our face in the process.

This is madness and until we have strong leaders who will stand up for its citizens and the principals of our laws and constitution, the situation will continue to get worse. It's not easy standing up for principals and much easier to give things away. I'm afraid we're giving away more than our tax dollars. We're giving away our core beliefs and the rule of law. Not out of compassion as many Democrats or Republicans will have you believe, but for votes and power. The system was designed to put the power in the hands of its citizen voters. That is slipping away and if you don't agree with me...maybe I should sue you.

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